Working as an English teacher

Working as an English teacher

Where to find work?

There is a high demand for English teachers, translators and interpreters in the major Italian cities, especially in Rome and the north of the country. You will find lots of English-language schools in Italy, many of which expect teachers to have a TEFL (Teacher of English as a Foreign Language) certificate or its equivalent. Some schools employ any English native speaker if he or she has had experience in teaching while other establishments prefer to train teachers to their own standards.

Italian Association of English Language Schools

Some of the best schools are members of the Italian Association of English Language Schools. Language schools generally pay less than you can earn giving private lessons, but they provide a contract and pay your taxes and social security. You are usually paid by the hour and therefore should ensure that you have a guaranteed number of hours per week.

Italians love learning lots of grammar and also know a lot about English literature, but cannot speak at all. So, if you aren’t up-to-date with grammar and you want to teach privately, it is a good idea to teach conversation.

Generally such job is easy to find, especially in university towns and cities, as students must usually study English as part of their course work. Many foreigners teach English privately and are paid in cash which unlikely to be declared. As soon as you find a few students, they spread the word so you will have enough clients. You can also place an advertisement in local newspapers and magazines offering private English lessons, although it can be not as effective. The going rate of private lessons varies, but is usually around 30 euros per hour. The price can be higher in big cities rather than in small towns.

Demand for translators and interpreters

Translators and interpreters are also in huge demand in Italy and are usually employed by agencies. Professional translators are paid by the page or line and the average rate is 15 euros per page, although this amount varies. Rates are higher in Rome and the northern cities than in the south. Interpreters are employed mainly for exhibitions, congresses and seminars and payed for the day (between 35 and 55 euros) or by hour.

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