Italian seasonal jobs

Italian seasonal jobs

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Seasonal jobs are available throughout the year in the country and the vast majority of them are in the tourist industry.

Tourist seasons

Many jobs last during summer or winter tourist seasons which are May to September and December to April. The most important requirement for almost all jobs is Italian fluency which in many cases is more important than experience and qualifications. It is noteworthy that fluency in Italian alone won’t guarantee you a well-paid job either.

General seasonal jobs

Seasonal jobs include most trades in hotels and restaurants, couriers and travel company representatives, a variety of jobs in ski resorts, sports instructors, jobs in bars and clubs, fruit and grape picking and different jobs in construction industry.

Checking formalities

It is important to check whether you’re eligible to work in Italy if you aren’t EU citizen before making any plans. You may also be required to obtain a visa for that purpose. Check with an Italian embassy or consulate in your home country far in advance before your visit. Foreign students in Italy can obtain a temporary work permit for part-time work during the summer holiday period and schools terms.

There are main seasonal jobs available in Italy.

  1. Holiday company representatives. Your duties here will include ferrying tourist groups back and forth from airports, organizing excursions and social events, arranging ski passes and equipment rental and generally doing everything. This job is very difficult and requires good communication skills and staying calm in extreme situations.
  2. Hotels and catering. Hotels and restaurants are the largest employers of seasonal workers such as hotel managers, kitchen hands, maids and other. Experience, qualifications and fluent Italian are required for all the highest paid positions.
  3. Grape and fruit picking. In order to find fruit or vegetable job you should visit the local information center which will give you a list of farms in the area taking on temporary workers for the harvest season.
  4. Ski resorts. Ski resorts require lots of temporary workers to cater winter sports enthusiasts. There are positions of resort representatives, chalet girls, ski technicians, ski instructors and guides.

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