Employment prospects in Italy

Employment prospects in Italy

Regional unemployment rate

Italy is a world-famous tourist destination due to its beauty and the largest amount of historical sights which are worth seeing. Working in Italy can provide you lots of opportunities, especially if you are a foreigner. It is possible to combine your vacation and seasonal job which is a very good idea. It is noteworthy though that unemployment rate in Italy varies according to the region. In South of the country it can reach 50 per cent in some areas and people are migrating to North or abroad in search of work.

Employment prospects in ItalyUnemployment is a real problem for Italian youth. 30 per cent of young people in the country under 25-age group are unemployed with a little prospect of finding a job. Also it is a problem for them due to inability to gain work experience.

Although unemployment has hit manufacturing industries the hardest in south of the country, there are no sectors remained untouched. Some of the hardest-hit industries are construction, electronics, communications, media and banking. Many companies have periodic bans on recruitment and expect many employees to accept short-term contracts, rather than lifelong security. The big part of working population in Italy has short-term contracts.

Unemployment benefits

It is almost impossible to obtain unemployment benefits in Italy and less than 25 per cent of the country’s unemployed are eligible for any form of unemployment compensation. Italian families have traditionally been expected to support their unemployed members.

There is no national scheme or assistance for the long-term unemployed in Italy, although there is a limited degree of support for low-income families in the south.

If you have decided to work in Italy whether for a short-term or long-term period, you can look for a job on the Internet in advance. There is a huge number of recruitment agencies and job search websites which are available online.

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