Employment agencies in Italy

Employment agencies in Italy


If you have decided to work in Italy you should register at the nearest employment office of the government employment service. You will also require a permit of stay and registration card and should be given the same help as Italian nationals and residents. Employment offices provide information about registration, unemployment cards, agricultural jobs, benefit applications and payments. They organize seminars about job hunting and help you find an appropriate job.

Regional employment agencies

Regional employment agencies are operated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. There are also information centers for unemployed in major cities of Italy which provide information about job vacancies, finding work and employment regulations. Some offices also offer advice on job interviews, writing application letters, setting up a business, self-employment, income tax and social security.

People can also obtain all work-related information at local information centers found in most towns and cities. These centers have vacant boards for temporary and part-time jobs like baby-sitting, teaching children, gardening and domestic work.


There is also a European Employment Service (EURES) network, members of which include all EU countries plus Norway and Iceland. Member states exchange information on job vacancies on a regular basis and provide information on how to apply for a job and living and working conditions in each country. They have joint database which contains details of job offers in all member states.

Private employment agencies

Apart from state employment agencies there are private ones. There are several types of private agencies which include temporary agencies and executive search companies. In temporary ones you will sign a temporary contract where an agency must pay compensation to a worker for the periods when he isn’t working. The agency must pay social security contributions and work accident insurance for the worker. Executive recruitment and search companies are recruiting executives, managers and professionals.

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