The cost of studying in Italy

The cost of studying in Italy

Many foreign students choose to study abroad in Italy.

Popular among international students

Italy is a popular destination for international students, offering quality higher education, highly-ranked universities and more affordable tuition fees than many other Western European countries.

Tuition fees

The cost of tuition fees depend upon several factors. The most important is whether your chosen university is a state or a private institution. State universities have much lower tuition fees. Tuition fees also depend on your country of origin, they are more affordable for EU students, but even non-EU students may find them more affordable than fees in other Western European or North American universities. Also, fees will depend on your chosen programme and level of study. For example, you can expect to pay around 850 – 1000 euro per year for undergraduate tuition fees. Private universities in Italy are much more expensive.


Also remember that state universities in Italy have a means-tested element to their tuition fees. This means the fees are weighted depending on a student’s parental income.

Institutions of higher education in Italy establish their own tuition fees, but in the case of university education, there is a legal minimum cost for enrollment and a maximum cost for student contributions, which cannot exceed 20% of state funding.

Admission to Master’s degree and other specialized degree courses in Italy also have much higher tuition fees. Doctoral students who receive university grants do not pay tuition fees, but non-grant holders are required to pay the tuition fees of their particular university.

The cost of living in Italy

The cost of living in Italy also varies considerably depending on location. Tourist areas and the major cities, especially in the North of Italy, are more expensive than smaller towns. Considering the costs of accommodation, food, telephone, local travel and leisure in Italy, students should consider a monthly budget of between 1000 and 1500 euro.

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