Studying fashion in Italy

Studying fashion in Italy

Italy excels in the area of fashion and Italian style is admired across the world. If fashion is your passion, then Italy is the right place in which to study and develop your abilities.

Fashion schools in Italy

Italian fashion schools are at the top in the international panorama, given the fact that Italy is the leader in the fashion industry and it offers training programs and courses, as well as internships and visits to important fashion houses and manufacturing facilities. From public universities to private institutions, Italy offers excellent training at fashion schools located in many regions. One can gain skills to become a fashion stylist or designer, or work in fashion merchandising, management, marketing and branding.

Schools in Tuscany

Fashion schools in Tuscany are among the most prestigious fashion schools in Europe. In the area you’ll find a wide selection of excellent fashion courses of various levels and duration, from undergraduate courses, Masters Programs, summer classes and specialization courses.

If you want to work in fashion and are about to enter college, finding the right school for you can be a difficult task. It is worth to be mentioned that every single Italian fashion school places students in major fashion houses, commercial labels, and other fashion.

The cost of studying

Instituto MarangoniArt and design schools are generally expensive. The prices range from almost 40,000 dollars per year to free. Unless otherwise stated, the tuition you is yearly for international students. It does not include room and board and incidentals. Also, tuition obviously changes each year.

Most of the schools have very similar application requirements. In general, you need a high school equivalency, letters of recommendation, essay, portfolio (for design students) and interview. There are also language requirements. English is not taught everywhere.

The most famous Italian fashion school is Instituto Marangoni located in Italy. The institute has also campuses in two major fashion capitals – London and Paris. It also offers 90% placement rate after graduation and possibility to study in English, French and Italian. The tuition fee ranges from 13,900 to 19,000 euro according to the chosen program.

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