Health insurance for students in Italy

Health insurance for students in Italy

Foreign students must have healthcare coverage to be able to stay and study in Italy.

Having health insurance is compulsory

In order to obtain a residence permit students must take out private health insurance. Not all private insurances are accepted for residence permit applications so students will need to check that their insurance is recognized.

National Health Service

If students prefer to have wider coverage then they can decide to sign up with the Sistema Sanitario Nazionale or SSN (National Health Service) once they have a residence permit. This guarantees full healthcare as provided for by Italian law and ensures that they will receive the same treatment as Italian citizens. Registration lasts for a year (from January 1st to December 31st) and is not divisible, regardless of when students register with the National Health Service. It costs about 150 euro.

Choosing the right Medical Insurance for your trip to Italy will mainly depend by your nationality, all EU citizens will have access to the European Health Card that provides free medical assistance for each EU member’s Country.

Private International Health Insurance

Non-EU citizens will need either a private International Health Insurance or alternatively apply for the Italian Social Health Care System when staying for over three months, along with their Permit of Stay. It’s also possible to acquire a medical insurance policy upon arrival in Italy.

Private International Health Insurance isn’t free and is the choice for non-EU Citizens or for EU-citizens interested in receiving treatments in private hospitals and from specialists. It can be purchased in your home country and price varies by several factors: current health conditions, age, length of stay and so on. Detailed plans will be illustrated by your insurance policy consultant back home, usually between 200 and 400 euro per year is more than enough for a quite good coverage.

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