Top aquariums in Italy

Top aquariums in Italy

Italy offers first­class attractions for sea­lovers who can make spectacular journeys through the shapes and colours of the Mediterranean, tropical and exotic habitats reproduced to the smallest detail in Italian aquariums in order to discover everything there is to know about the underwater world.

The Aquarium of Genoa

Located in Liguria, the aquarium was designed by the Genoese architect Renzo Piano for Expo ’92 and with its ten thousand square metres and 71 tanks is the largest aquarium in Italy attracting around one million and two hundred thousand visitors a year. More than 500 species of fish and the habitats of the Mediterranean, the Oceans, the Poles and the Tropics are reproduced inside, while an exhibition itinerary allows children and adults to observe and study the habits of fish, sharks, mollusks, jellyfish and dolphins, not to mention crocodiles, frogs, snakes, penguins and seals. 


Location: Area Porto Antico, Ponte Spinola, 16128,Genoa

Nearby sights: Boccadasse, Spianata Castelletto, Dialogo nel Buio

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Lido di Jesolo Sea Life Aquarium

It is located in the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region and offers visitors two theme areas: the “Acquario” (Aquarium) where the major marine environments of the northern Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea are on display, and the “Vivarium” where amphibians and reptiles can be observed closely.


Location:  Piazza Venezia 28,  Piazza Milano, 30017

Nearby sights: Piazza Mazzini,Tropicarium Park, Sand Nativity

Tel.: +39 0421 381787

Nearby hotels: Hotel Greif, Hotel Telenia, Hotel Nettuno

The Aquarium of Livorno

Located in Tuscany, the aquarium offers a journey through nature, science and art. One thousand seven hundred animals from more than three hundred different species, a tunnel and a touch pool ensure a unique tour of the largest aquarium in the region. Thematic areas dedicated to Mediterranean and tropical habitats, an exhibition area and a rooftop terrace with a magnificent view over the Tuscan coast and the islands of Tuscany’s Archipelago are the main attractions.


Location: Piazzale Mascagni, 1, 57127, Livorno

Nearby sights: Terrazza Mascagni, Costiera di Calafuria, Scogli Piatti

Tel.: +39 (0)586 269111

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Aquarium of Cattolica

Located in Emilia-Romagna region, this is the largest in the Adriatic and houses over 400 different species of animals in 2,500,000 litres of seawater, which can be observed through four covered walkways allowing you to visit the aquarium even in bad weather. Coming face to face with a shark, being amazed by caimans or having fun with otters constitute incredibly unique and emotional experiences offered to visitors by this aquarium.


Location:  Piazzale delle Nazioni 1/A, 47841 Cattolica

Nearby sights: Malu Beach 93, Bagni Stella Marina, Museo della Regina

Tel.: +39 0541 8371

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