Italian volcanoes

Italian volcanoes

Italy is home to three active volcanoes, all located in the south of the country. No fewer than six active volcanoes are located on the peninsula breaking out regularly: the Vesuvius near Naples, Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands, the Campi Flegrei, the island of Ischia and Europe’s largest volcano, Mount Etna on Sicily.

Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius, in Naples, is the only active volcano on mainland Europe. It is famous for the destruction of the Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 BC, an event described in great detail by Pliny the Younger. The last eruption was in 1944. Vesuvius is considered to be the most dangerous volcano in the world as it could erupt at any time, threatening the lives of the three million people who live nearby.


Location: Via Palazzo del Principe, 80056, Naples

Nearby sights: Museo Cappella Sansevero, Galleria Borbonica, Teatro di San Carlo

Nearby hotels: Bosco de’ Medici, La Medusa Hotel & BoutiqueSpa, NH Napoli Ambassador


This is one of the Aeolian Islands situated off the north coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is 926 meters high and has been erupting almost constantly for the last 2000 years.


Location: Sicily

Nearby sights: Magmatrek, Strombolicchio, Minicrociera Isole Eolie – Comerci Navigazione

Nearby hotels: Hotel Miramare, La Sirenetta-Park Hotel, Hotel Villaggio Stromboli

Mount Etna

It is located on the eastern Sicily, between Messina and Catania. It is in an almost constant state of activity, and is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. At over 3000 metres high, it is the tallest active volcano on the European continent.


Location: Catania, Sicily

Nearby sights: Monastero dei Benedettini, Piazza Duomo, Duomo di Catania

Nearby hotels: Antica Filanda Ristorante Albergo, L’Infinito Guest House, B&B Angel’s House

Aeolian IslandsAeolian Islands

This is seven small inhabited Italian islands formed by volcanic activity and two of them are still active volcanoes. While this fact may put some travelers off, many more are attracted to the dramatic scenery, hot mud baths, and the opportunity to hike up to the craters of Volcano and Stromboli. The islands are grouped together as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Location: Sicily

Nearby sights: Panarea, Isola volcano, Stromboli

Nearby hotels: Hotel Ravesi, Borgo Eolie Hotel, Therasia Resort

The Island of Ischia

This is an island of volcanic origins in Italy’s Campania region at the northern end of the Bay of Naples. Ischia is part of a large volcanic area that was very active in the distant past. The island also boasts natural thermal springs.


Location: Naples, Campania

Nearby sights: Giardini La Mortella, Castello Aragonese, Chiesa del Soccorso

Nearby hotels: Villa Durrueli, Hotel Villa Sirena, Hotel Villa Janto

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