Shopping in Piedmont

Shopping in Piedmont

Regional products

The region of Piedmont is surrounded by Alps on three sides. The main products that are grown here are cereals, maize and fruits. One of the most important products of Piedmont is wine. More than half of its vineyards have been given the DOC designations. The region is known to be one of the best wine growing regions in Italy. It produces some of the most famous wines like Barberesco and Barolo, Moscata d’Asti, Asti Spumante etc.

Castelmagno DOP

The most important cheese of the region is the Castelmagno DOP, named after the town of the same name where it has been produces since centuries. The cheese has been famous all over Europe since centuries. It is made from vaccine milk to which goat milk and ovine are added. The taste of the cheese is quite peculiar because of the kind of grass on which the cattle breeds. Another very famous cheese of the region is Gorgonzola DOP. Visitors can purchase a pungent or a tender version of the cheese from the food stores.

Piedmont is also famous for its wines, with its plenty of vineyards that produce some of the most well known grapes in Italy. Many of the wines of the region have been popular in Italy since decades, some of which had been mentioned above.

Shopping in PiedmontMarkets

There are few good outdoor markets and flea markets which are held every month or annually in Piedmont. Though, not as famous as some of the other regions of Italy, the outdoor markets in Piedmont are still worth visiting since they offer plenty of good opportunities for visitors to find good products that have been locally made at low prices.

In Casale Monferrato the market is held on the second Sunday of every month in Piazza Castello. In Asti it is on the fourth Sunday each month. In the town of Mondovi, the market takes place in Piazzale Ellero on the fourth and the second Sunday for every month. Turin is the main city in the Piedmont region. The markets in Turin take place in piazza Borgo Dora on the second Sunday each month. This market mostly has antiques and handicraft items. Every Saturday in Turin, in the same location there is a market where visitors can find plenty of used items on sale.

Turin is not a place for purchasing fashion brands like Rome or Milan, but there are many good shopping opportunities in the city for visitors. Visitors can purchase many food items and wines in the city.


Location: Italy

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