Shopping in Liguria

Shopping in Liguria

Where to shop in Liguria

Liguria is the third smallest region in Italy. It is located in north-western part of the country and is a coastal region. Liguria has many picturesque fishing villages and towns where the life is still quite traditional in nature. Almost all the towns and even the small villages have open air flea markets and weekly food markets where visitors can find a variety of products. Outdoor markets are a great way to interact with locals and get a glimpse into the local lifestyle.

In Genoa every month on the first Saturday in Palazzo Ducale there is a large market which takes place. This is quite a small market in comparison to the other cities of Italy but it is still worth visiting. There are about 80 to 90 stands in the market where the vendors sell antiques, handicrafts, medals, pictures and plenty of other trinkets. This is the best place for visitors to get good gift items and souvenir items to carry back home without having to pay too much.


In Chiavari there is a large market which takes place every second Saturday in each month on Via Martiri della Liberazione. This is an antique market where there are more than 100 stands where the vendors sell a variety of antiques, souvenirs, artifacts, decorative items and handicrafts.

Shopping in LiguriaBogliasco

In Bogliasco every month on the first Sunday there is a very small but charming market in Piazza XXVI Aprile. Here visitors would mainly find antique items and furniture items. In the town of Recco there is a small market in Piazza Nicoloso every month on the third Sunday with stands selling antique items. In Isolabona every month on the first Sunday there is a market in piazza Martiri and in Piazzetta della Chiesa. This is quite a good market for visitors who want to spend a few hours looking at antiques. There are various types of used objects which are sold at the market where visitors would be able to sometimes find priceless antiques at bargain prices. In Vallecrosia, every month on the second Sunday there is a large market in central square with more than 80 stands. Visitors would be able to find different types of antique, handmade items and artifacts at this market.


 Genoa is one of the best places to shop in the region of Liguria. It is the capital of the region and also one of the most well known cities in Italy. Close to the Sampierdarena station there is a large shopping center known as Fiumara which is a great place to shop. This large mall is easily reachable and has plenty of good shops where visitors would be able to find plenty of good clothes, jewelry and accessories. The weekly food markets are good for those who are interested in purchasing local food items, fresh produce or cheese. There are also plenty of good wine shops in Genoa where visitors would be able to find good quality wines made in Liguria and also from the other regions.


Location: Italy

Sights: Proloco Maris Boccadasse, Spianata Castelletto, Dialogo nel Buio

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