Shopping in Le Marche

Shopping in Le Marche

Regional products

Until recent decades Le Marche region of Italy had been considered to be a poor region. It is known for its many unique sausages and hams which are prepared here in traditional methods. The Ciauscolo sausage is made from pork belly and is seasoned with orange peel, fennel, pepper and salt, dried and cured. Other unique sausages in the region are coppa, salame lardellato, prosciutto de Montefeltro, salame de Montefeltro, salame de Fabriano, fegatino, soppressata da Fabriano and mazzafegato da Fabriano.


You will find plenty of flea markets and outdoor markets in Le Marche located in cities, towns or ever villages. These markets are the best places to shop since they allow visitors to purchase good quality locally made handicrafts at comparatively low prices than shops.


In the town of Fontanello every month on the third Sunday a very large market is held. There are more than 250 stalls at the market where the vendors sell all types of antiques. In the city of Modena every month on the fourth Sunday a large market is held in the Novi Sad Park. This is known to be one of the best markets in the entire region. In Tolentino every year in August on the fourth weekend there is a large market in Palazzo Fiduzio and Sala San Giacomo. This market is a good place for collectors since there are many old coins, maps and objects sold.

Ascoli Piceno

Ascoli Piceno is a small city in the Marche region which offers lots of places where visitors will find a lot of locally made products which are typical to the region. The area has many narrow old streets which are lined with vendors selling authentic antiques every month on the third weekend. Around the city there are many small factories known for their handmade shoes. Visitors can purchase these shoes at a very low cost directly from the factories. In Ascoli Piceno, there are plenty of good wine shops where visitors would be able to find good wines, grappa and a lot of other spirits. One of the most popular drinks is the Anisetta Meletti which is a distillate digester which has a sweet anise taste and is made since more than a century in the city.


Location: Italy

Sights: Cattedrale San Ciriaco, Chiesa Santa Maria, Monumento ai Caduti

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