Sales in Italy

Sales in Italy

Sales throughout Italy are usually held in January and July every year. All Italian stores start selling their merchandise at 30% off from the second week of January and July. The sale will last until the inventory is gone and the discount tends to increase upwards to 50%.

Luxury stores’ discounts

The luxury stores in Rome and Florence are also offering big discounts on their clothing and accessories. Department stores and boutiques are advertising the discounts with huge signs on their windows and designer shops are much more discreet as they consider it vulgar to announce that they are offering a discount. Designer stores usually offer a private, invitation only sale for corporate employees and frequent clientele before the goods are available to the public. You should also be aware that what is left at the end of the season has most often been rejected due to its ill fit, odd color or extreme style. Also the sales include clothes worn by the mannequins or returned from a capricious customer. It is always better to shop in designer outlets where you can find great deals and discounts.

Sales’ rules

Here are several rules to stick to during sales period.

  • Check carefully that it is not stained, soiled, missing buttons or defective in any way when purchasing. You never know the life of the particular piece of clothing and it’s important to inspect it with the utmost scrutiny. Remember, that stores don’t always returns on sale merchandise.
  • Make sure it fits. Nothing can bring down an outfit faster than a poorly fitted piece of clothing. Try it on and do the fit test: walk, sit, twist and dance around to be sure that you can move freely.
  • Never buy anything you wouldn’t want at full price. Many women are easily swayed by the price tag during a sale. Don’t let the excitement and anxiety of the crowds get to you. Keep a clear head and remain calm. Stay true to your style.

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