Prada Outlet in Italy

Prada Outlet in Italy

Prada is the famous Italian brand known and respected world-wide.

World famous brand

Many know and admire Prada’s unique design, but not many know that Prada brand innovated shoe soles with special cushions that support the feet and make it easier to wear shoes with high hills.

Prada shoes cost a lot, but you can also shop for them in the Prada outlet which is located along the side of Highway 1 outside of Florence in the little city called Montevarchi. This is a shopping paradise for those who appreciate high quality and most recent design but are not willing or able to pay fortune for it.


Prada outlet is a blue warehouse located in Florence with well-organized shopping areas broken down into men’s clothing and shoes, women’s purses, shoes and clothing and sports and children’s ware and shoes. There is a wide selection of products in each category. The outlet carries all of Prada’s lines including Miu Miu, Helmut Lang, Jill Sander and Church’s shoes. Prices here are much lower comparing to regular stores. All purchases are tax free for non-Europeans. You also may ask for any necessary documentation to claim tax refunds. If you are not an EU resident make sure you get a tax free form. At the airport you can get the cash back of about 16% of the total purchase price. If you are several people, best to pool your purchases if your total is less than 150 Euro, which is the minimum to get the tax back.

Getting there

Getting there is a little bit complicated as the outlet located at Montevarchi. The best way to get there may be by hiring a car or taking one of the bus tours. You may also take the train from Florence’s Santa Maria Novella Station to Montevarchi which will take you about an hour and then continue by taxi to the outlet (about 20 minutes). The best time to get there before 9 am as Prada allows only 100 shoppers inside at one time. You may also combine your trip with other outlets of the mall.

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