Discount cards and passes in Italy

Discount cards and passes in Italy

There are some ways to avoid the expenses involved with a trip through Italy. Of course, if you want to see such world-famous sights as Colosseum, Pompeii or Vatican Museums, you will have to pay entry fees. But there is a possibility to get a discount card for the city that covers your ticket price.

The discount passes in Italy offer different money-saving opportunities and not every city has a discount card available. It is always worth checking especially if you are in the larger city. At least you will find the discount card for the public transportation which can save you a considerable amount if you are staying for several days.

Here are some of the sightseeing discount cards available in the large Italian cities.

  1. Roma Pass. The famous Roma Pass grants the card-holders free admission to the first two sites visited, a discounted admission ticket to the other sites visited and free access to public transportation in the city.
  2. Rome Archaeology Card. The card guarantees you entry into the 10 sites included on the card, but doesn’t include transportation.Discount cards and passes in Italy
  3. Venice Museum Card. It covers the attractions surrounding St.Mark’s Square which are some of the most popular sites in the city.
  4. Venice Museum Pass. It covers the St. Mark’s sites plus several other attractions around Venice.
  5. VeniceCard. There are orange and blue Venice cards. Both include public transportation and some museum/attraction tickets. The orange card offers the longer list of inclusions.
  6. Firenze Card. The card is available in Florence and guarantees three days’ access to more than 30 museums, villas and gardens in the city as well as free use of buses and trams. It costs 50 euro.
  7. Friends of the Uffizi. The card gives unlimited access to Florence’s state-run museums including Uffizi and Accademia for one full year.
  8. Campania Artecard. There are several varieties of the card with different inclusions covering both attractions and transportation.
  9. MilanoCard. It offers discounts on museums/attractions in Milan as well as some restaurants. The card also gives free access to public transportation.

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