Italian spas

Italian spas

It is always a good idea to travel around Italy and combine your vacation with visiting amazing spas and wellness centers. It will help you to relax after long sightseeing or shopping day.

Italians pay much attention to the concept of health, fitness, beauty and wellness and you will find that every city has at least one facility devoted to the health and relaxation.

Italy heavily promotes its spa resorts and there are many hotels offering luxury packages which include spa treatments. Due to Italy’s volcanic nature there are also lots of hot springs. Active and dormant volcanoes provide mineral rich mud for different health and beauty treatments.

Here is a list of some of the best Italian spa towns which are worth visiting.

  • Abruzzi Caramanico Terme. This is the most famous spa in Abruzzo region of Italy. The facility has been dispensing treatment for over four hundred years. The twin springs located in this medieval village are known for a high sulphur content and alleviation of breathing, digestive and arthritic conditions.
  • Campania, Ischia. The island is a home to natural hot springs, geysers and fumaroles with very popular spa centers located in Cavascura, Saint’Angelo and Barano. The spa resorts on Ischia offer mud treatments, mineral water baths and vapor inhalation therapies. Also popular are Ischia’s caves, which are naturally heated by volcanic activity and can be like a dry sauna or like a humid Turkish bath.
  • Italian spasEmilia Romagna, Bagno di Romagna. The springs here contain a wide variety of essential minerals and produce waters that are said to aid in the prevention of illness as well as treatment. The spa facilities here are some of the most comprehensive in Italy and include full range of treatments.
  • Brisighella. This spa town is a home to sulphurus springs that have been dispensing its treatments for over a century. There is a wide range of treatments provided such as therapeutic mud, thermal baths, inhalation therapy, cave treatments and many others.
  • Tabiano Terme. This spa town is famous for the most sulphurous waters in Europe. These springs are meant to treat different ills especially lungs, ears, nose and throat. The place also offers a full range of modern spa therapies.

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