Italian Riviera

Italian Riviera


Italian Riviera is one of the best destinations in Italy. The Italian Riviera is a stretch of coastline in Liguria region of the country. It stretches along the Ligurian Sea from the Italian-French border to Tuscan border. The area boasts numerous incredible pristine beaches, panoramic views, vibrantly colored houses, exquisite cuisine and famous resort towns. The Italian Riviera is divided into two parts. East of Liguria’s capital city of Genoa is called “The coast of the rising sun” and the west of Genoa is called “The coast of the setting sun”. Connected by an extensive rail network, most towns make easy day trips from one another.

Many famous artists, writers and celebrities have been flocking to this destination since the 1800s. Italian Riviera offers something for everyone whether it is picturesque hiking along Cinque Terre, music glitz in San Remo, open air markets in Ventimiglia or parks in Portofino.

The best time to visit

The best time to visit the Italian Riviera is during the summer to enjoy beaches, but theirs is plenty to do in other seasons too. Winters here are usually mild and perfect for exploring the area’s amazing parks and museums. Getting to the Italian Riviera is very easy. Genoa has an international airport, central train station and port with cruise ships docking from all over the world.


PortofinoThe jewel of the Riviera is the amazing fishing village of Portofino located on the east of Genoa. The city is very small and can be explored in very little time. Dotted among the greenery are the beautifully positioned villas of many of northern Italy’s wealthy elite. As well as expensive boutiques, there are cheaper souvenir shops and also general stores to buy food.

Genoa is the region’s principal city and is home to numerous tourist attractions. Here you will find stunning architecture and a wealth of paintings. The city’s most notable sight is Via Garibaldi, a 16 th century millionaires’ row lined with magnificent town palaces. Many of these amazing properties now house banks so you’ll be able to see some of the courtyards and frescoed lobbies.

While in Genoa, you should not miss the outstanding Museu di Strada Nuova. The extensive art gallery comprises three of the most beautiful palaces of Via Garibaldi and contains paintings by Durer, van Dyck, Caravaggio, Rubens and more.


Location: The area includes nearly all of the coastline of Liguria with a center in Genoa

Nearby sights: Spianata Castelletto, Palazzi dei Rolli,Vernazza

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