Tremiti Islands

Tremiti Islands


Tremiti Islands (Isole Tremiti in Italian) are an archipelago in the Adriatic Sea which constitute a commune in the Province of Foggia and form part of the Gargano national park. The name of the islands derives from their seismic activity and history of earthquakes (tremiti means “tremors”).


Tremiti Islands are well known for their crystal-clear waters and mild climate offering spectacular views and escape from the crowded beaches and touristy resorts. Located off the Gargano peninsula they are the only archipelago in the Adriatic Sea which consists of three small islands: San Domino, San Nicola and Caprara and two uninhabited rocks Creataccio and Pianosa. The three islands together are less than 5 square kilometers.

San Domino

The largest of those three islands is San Domino. It is a beautiful island covered with lush vegetation. There are hotels, excellent fish restaurants, some good trattorias and a few small shops on the island for tourists. It is noteworthy that you shouldn’t expect too much from it as it is meant for escaping from overcrowded tourist attractions and enjoying beautiful nature. In general the Tremiti Islands are really a place to swim or dive, drinking wine and dine. You won’t need a car as the island can be crossed walking from one cape to the other in no-time.


The second of three islands is San Nicola which is only separated from San Domino by a stretch of sea. It is a seat of the Town Hall of the Tremiti Islands. The island boasts a fortress and Benedictine abbey Santa Maria a Mare which was built by Pope Gregory XII in order to protect the archipelago against pirates and other invaders.

Caprara is the last one of Tremiti Islands which is famous for the abundance of caper bushes (capers) often used as a seasoning. There you will find many amazing caves and the beautiful lighthouse.


Location: Adriatic Sea

Capital of the region: Foggia

Sights: Arcipelago Tremiti, Isola San Domino, Cala Matana

Cuisine: You should try: Ciambotto, Zampina, Seafood Risotto and Ciceri e Tria

Hotels: Hotel La Vela, Hotel San Domino, Hotel La Tramontana

Shopping: Tremiti Islands are very small so there is not much to do for shoppers here, except for admiring local nature and breathtaking views

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