Procida is the smallest of the Phlegraean Islands in Campania region of Italy which lies between the mainland at Cape Miseno and the island of Ischia at the top end of Bay of Naples. It is about 4 square kilometers in area with a population of around 10 000 inhabitants. The island has a volcanic origin which is indicated by its distinctive shape and it is also connected to the Island of Vivara by a narrow bridge.


Less crowded than Ischia and less famous and sophisticated than Capri, Procida is a little jewel with secret bays, small fisher’s hamlets and brightly colored Mediterranean architecture. The island boasts its narrow streets and churches which are worth visiting. The Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo which is located on the island had a central role in Procida’s religious and cultural history.

Procida was a favorite holiday destination of the ancient Romans and it was from nearby Misena that Pliny the Younger observed and wrote about the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The economy of the islands relies mainly around fishing with the unique harbor of Corricella playing an important part in the process. Procida has a strategic position which made it the brunt of many naval attacks throughout the history. The watchtowers located on the island were adopted as its symbol later on.


There are two beaches on the island which are worth visiting. These include Chiaiolella Beach which is the most frequented in Procida and the Beach at Pozzo Vecchio which was a protagonist in scenes from Il Positano movie. The island of Procida is located near the island of Ischia and can be reached only in the matter of a half-hour.

Several authors have set their novels in Procida. These include Elsa Morante, who was exiled to Procida during the World War II for her anti-fascist activity, with her work L’isola di Arturo (1957) and Alphonse de Lamartine with the novel Graziella which is believed to be largely autobiographical.


Location: Campania region

Sights: The Port of Corricella, Terra Murata, Abbazia San Michele Arcangelo

Cuisine: You should try: polpette, Pesce all’Acqua Pazza, Fritto Misto di Mare, Broccoli and Salsiccia

Hotels: Hotel & Spa La Suite, Albergo La Vigna, Hotel La Casa sul Mare

Shopping: There are lots of shops and markets in Procida where you will find unique and interesting handicrafts and other things

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