Ischia is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea sitting not far from Naples. The island is famous for its hot springs, gold-sand beaches, museums, citrus groves and delicious cuisine. The area is also renowned for its vineyards producing the white or red Epomeo wine. The island is sometimes referred to as Emerald Island due to its luxury vegetation.


Nowadays Ischia is a sophisticated holiday destination offering a wide array of attractions for tourists. There are thermal parks providing a large number of different swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms each with a different temperature and heated naturally by the island’s volcanic activity. The hot and cold natural springs of the island are believed to provide a number of health benefits for a wide-range of complaints such as rheumatism, arthritis, skin conditions and infections. As well as the thermal parks, there are a number of other sites in Ischia such as Sorgeto, where bathers can spend the day completely free of charge, sitting in a naturally-heated rock pool whilst enjoying a drink or a picnic and looking out on to the sea.

Apart from the thermal parks, gardens and natural springs, the island is also home to a large number of wellness centers and hotels offering a wide range of modern treatments from massages to mud baths.

Ischia Porte and Ischia Ponte

The island is divided into two parts: Ischia Porte and Ischia Ponte linked by an avenue lined with cafes and fashionable shops.

While in Ischia you shouldn’t miss the Aragones Castle which is set on its rocky islet. The castle is linked to Ischia Ponte by 220m-long bridge. Other interesting sights include Forio – a dazzling white little town famous for its wine, Sant’Angelo – a small fishing village and Barano d’Ischia.


Location: Tyrrhenian Sea, Campania region

Capital of the region: Metropolitan city is Naples

Sights: Giardini La Mortella, Castello Aragonese, Sant’Angelo

Cuisine: You should try: pizza, Ischianian rabbit, buccatini with rabbit sauce, pit rabbit, Ischitanian caponata

Hotels: Villa Durrueli, Aragona Palace Hotel, Hotel Le Querce Terme & Spa

Shopping: In Ischia, you will find many street shops and boutiques offering a variety in branded clothes and also artisans selling their handicrafts. Ceramics and terracotta items are quite popular in the area.

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