Capri is an island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Campania region of Italy. This is one of the most beautiful island destinations in Southern Italy set in the beautiful Bay of Naples. In ancient times it used to be a favorite place for Roman emperors and aristocrats to spend holidays. Ever since, Capri has remained a favored tourist destination for travelers.


The island is only 10 square kilometers round, but it would take a long time to see all the sights and visit all places of entertainment. Three architectural attractions can be found on Piazza Umberto. Those are the monastery of San Giacomo, the Clock tower and the Church of Santo Stefano. The symbol of the island is the Phoenician Steps. Its length is slightly less than two kilometers. All those wishing to step the stairs from the beginning to the end will have to overcome 921 steps. This ancient staircase connects the capital of the island with Ankapri. It would take about half an hour to overcome the difficult path between towns. Archaeologists believe that the construction of stairs was built in the 7th century BC. The architectural complex has been completely renovated and restored in 1998.

Blue Grotto

While visiting Capri, you shouldn’t miss the world-famous Blue Grotto known for its majestic size and its amazing deep blue waters reflecting the sun to create an amazing silvery light. This wonderful grotto is about 50 meters long and over 30 meters wide and can be reached either by bus or taxi from Anacapri or by boat from Marina Grande.

Another sight that shouldn’t be missed on Capri is Natural Arch. It can be found 30 minutes away from the town center towards the South Eastern side of this island. It is an amazing rock formation which consists of two pillars measuring about 12 meters wide with a height of 18 meters. Capri’s Natural Arch is a major tourist attraction that offers the most spectacular views.


Location: Tyrrhenian Sea

Capital of the region: Naples

Sights: I Faraglioni, Gardens of Augustus, Green Grotto

Cuisine: You should try: ravioli capresi, scialatielli, spaghetti alla Nerano, pezzogna

Hotels: Hotel della Piccola Marina, La Minerva, Hotel Excelsior Parco

Shopping: Capri’s center, where most boutiques are concentrated, encompasses an uneven mix of local vendors. Luxury stores are crammed with the same merchandise you can find elsewhere in the world.

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