Italian safari parks

Italian safari parks

What is safari?

The “safari” is actually a drive-through tour along a series of stepped switchbacks where the animals get to look at humans close up. Some areas are separated with gates and have a strict windows-up policy. This would be the lions and tigers and bears portion of your tour. If you want pictures of animals, it will have to be through the car window. Once visitors complete the safari path there is usually zoo and amusement park to explore. There are many different safari parks in Italy.

Zoo Safari Ravenna in Italy

Zoo Safari Ravenna is one of the most famous Italian wildlife parks that permits you to encounter over 450 animals of 40 different species, including wild animals, that can be seen close up with no barriers, more so than any normal animal park. There are three different ways to visit Safari Ravenna: the classic Safari drive-through (with your own car/camper/coach); the adventurous Safari electric car tour; the educational Safari train tour. You’ll have the chance to learn wildlife’ secrets due to experienced guides, as well as to touch the most docile species and to directly hand-feed them.

Zoo Safari Live Nature Park

Italian safari parksThe Zoo Safari Live Nature Park is situated in Bussolengo near Verona, and is divided into the Zoo Safari, which is accessible only in cars or campers, and the Animal Park, which is accessible on foot. At the entrance area are the large African herbivores, the giraffes, zebras, antelopes and stupendous bird species.

The Animal Park has no cages, just enclosures inserted in the greenery of the park, and from which visitors can observe the animals, behind a fence or through large windows.

Among the many animals here, those which attract the most attention are the Siberian Tigers, puma, snow leopard and small carnivores such as mongooses; there’s also a sector dedicated to European carnivores such as the wildcat, lynx and wolf.

Various food and dining options are available along the Animal Park route, as well as a picnic area.

And finally, there is also a Dinosaur Park, with life-size models of these enormous creatures that walked through these places millions of years ago.

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