The most unique churches in Italy

The most unique churches in Italy

Apart from the worldwide known Italian cathedrals, there are the most unique churches in the country which you have never heard of.

Multicolored Russian Orthodox Church

The multicolored Russian Orthodox church of Christ the Savior, St. Catherine and St. Seraph was built for the Russian nobility that, following the example of Tsarin Maria Alexandrovna, had chosen the little town of San Remo on the Ligurian Riviera as their winter residence in the 19th century. The church was built after a design by Alexey Viktorovich Shchusev, the same architect who also designed Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow.


Location: Via Nuvoloni, 2, 18038, San-Remo

Nearby sights: Old Bussana (Bussana Vecchia), La Pigna, Tre Ponti

Tel.: +39 0184 531807

Nearby hotels: Grand Hotel Des Anglais, Grand Hotel Londra, BEST WESTERN Hotel Nazionale

St. Antonio Trullo ChurchSt. Antonio Trullo Church

Twentieth century church modeled on the traditional trulli of the Murge area in Puglia.


Location: Alberobello, Bari

Nearby sights: Parrocchia S. Antonio Di Padova, District Monti, Museo del Territorio “Casa Pezzolla”

Tel.: +39 0804324416

Nearby hotels: Casa Albergo Sant´Antonio, Tipico Resort in Trulli, Grand Hotel Olimpo

Cattolica di Stilo

Almost camouflaged, clung to the slopes of the moutain, the Cattolica church in Stilois one of the most noteworthy examples of Byzantine architecture.


Location: Via Cattolica, 89049 Stilo

Nearby sights: Cattolica, Castello normanno di Stilo, Gebbia

Nearby hotels: Piccola Dimora Villa Candido, B&B Palazzo Stillitano, Hotel Citta del Sole

Jubilee ChurchJubilee Church

Formerly known as the Chiesa di Dio Padre Misericordioso, the jubilee church is located in the Tor Tre Teste area of Rome. It was designed by the American architect, Richard Meier as a mark and symbol of the Grand Jubilee of 2000. It takes on the idea of a ship that sails the seas of the Third millennium, while the three shells discretely represent the Holy Trinity.


Location: Piazza Largo Terzo Millennio 8, 00155 Rome

Nearby sights: Colosseum, Pantheon, Piazza Navona

Nearby hotels: Hotel Giolli Nazionale, Pope’s Suites, Relais Conte Di Cavour de Luxe

Roofless Basilica of San Galgano

The roofless Gothic Cistercian Abbey was the first Gothic church in Tuscany, built by the monks from 1224 to 1288. Dedicated to St. Galgan, the church was erected to house the rock where in 1180 Galgano Giudotti plunged the sword turning it into the symbol of the cross. For centuries, the sword was considered to be a fake, but research by the Pavia University in 2001 dated its metal to the 12th century.


Location: Localita San Galgano – Palazzetto – Chiusdino, 53012, Chiusdino

Nearby sights: Eremo di Montesiepi, Centro Storico di Chiusdino, Selva di Sogno / Dreamwoods

Nearby hotels: Castello di San Fabiano, Agriturismo Guesthouse I Pini, La Capanna di Sovestro

Tel.: 0577 756 738

Living Tree CathedralLiving Tree Cathedral

The tree cathedral, designed by the Italian artist Giuliano Mauri, is a real-size cathedral made of 42 wooden columns, each of which contains a young beech tree, forming a basilica of five aisles. With the time the growing trees will take the place of their natural “cages” and eventually replace them entirely, point at which the structure will really become a ‘living’ cathedral.


Location: Bergamo, Northern Italy

Nearby sights: Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, La Citta Alta, Piazza Vecchia

Nearby hotels: La Valletta Relais, Petronilla Hotel, Hotel Relais San Lorenzo

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