The most famous castles in Basilicata

The most famous castles in Basilicata

If you love historical buildings and castles, then Basilicata may be the perfect destination for you as the region boasts magnificent buildings created by Normans and Bourbons. Many of them are in ruins, but still maintain a timeless charm. Here is a list of some of the best castles in Basilicata region.

Lagopesole Castle

The castle of Lagopesole is perhaps the most mysterious castle in the region, and one of the last castles built by Frederick II of Swabia, in the XIII century. The emperor used it for hunting and as a fortress. The Norman castle is situated in Avigliano, Potenza, and it is currently managed by the State. The structure has a parallelepiped shape with some towers on the corners and two other towers flanking the gate.


Location: Via Sotto Il Castello, 85021 Lagopesole, Avigliano, Basilicata region

Nearby sights: Museo Archeologico Nazionale della Basilicata, Venosa, Ponte sul Basento

Tel.: +39 338 715 5211

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The most famous castles in BasilicataCastello di Melfi

This is the most famous castle in the area. It was built for military purposes by the Normans, and later enlarged by both the Swabians and Anjou. The castle, situated in Melfi, is an irregular rectangle whose access is possible through the crossing of a stone bridge over a moat. Nowadays the castle houses the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, the National Archaeological Museum.


Location: Via Normanni, 85025 Melfi, Basilicata region

Nearby sights: Museo Archeologico Nazionale del Melfese Massimo Pallottino, Museo Diocesano E Palazzo Vescovile, Cripta di Santa Margherita

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Castello di Brienza

This castle is situated in Brienza and it was probably enlarged from an original Anjou fortress. It is a cylindrical tower overlooking the Medieval borgo and the church of San Michele Arcangelo. A legend tells that the castle should have had 365 rooms, one for each day of the year, but that a secret one was hidden within its walls. Whoever was able to find the 366th room would have become rich. However, because of an earthquake in 1980, the castle suffered some consequences: one of the towers collapsed and some other parts cracked.


Location: Via del Carmine, 5, 85050 Brienza, Basilicata

Nearby sights: Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli, Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata di Brienza, Castello Caracciolo

Nearby hotels: B&B La Voce del Fiume, La Giara Bed & Breakfast, un B&B esclusivo sul fiume in un borgo antico

Castello di Miglionico

This castle is situated in Matera, it has a square plant with six cylindrical towers and it dates back to the Norman-Swabian age. The castle is better known as the Castello del Malconsiglio and it is particularly famous because it hosted a revolutionary movement born mainly in Basilicata as a reaction to the Aragons, who had taken the throne in Naples. The movement ended up with a bloody massacre in the largest room on the first floor of the castle.


Location: Piazza Castello, 75010 Miglionico

Nearby sights: Polittico Di Cima Da Conegliano, Parrocchia Santa Maria Maggiore, Oasi WWF Lago di San Giuliano

Tel.: +39 0835 559005

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