Palazzo Massimo

Palazzo Massimo

Palazzo Massimo is home to one of the world’s most important collections of Roman antiquities. Here you will be able to see some world famous statues, amazing mosaics, colorful frescoes, ancient jewelry and an important collection of coins.

Ancient art

The palace is managed by the National Roman Museum. The imposing building houses the fabulous collection of ancient art and was built in 1883-­1887 at the site of former Villa Montalto­Peretti. The palace was designed by Camilo Pistrucci in a style reminiscent of the late Renaissance and served as a Jesuit college until 1960. Later Massimo Palace was purchased by the Italian State and in 1980s it was renovated and transformed into a museum.

The museum’s galleries are spread over four floors. On the ground and first floor you will find an incredible collection of Greek and Roman sculptures. The top floor shows mosaics and frescoes while the basement holds a collection of coins and jewelry.

Roman and Greek sculptures

Palazzo MassimoThe two floors are dedicated to Greek and Roman sculptures. The oldest ones are on the ground floor. The Greek statue of a Wounded Niobe dates back to the 5th century BC and the Hellenistic nude bronze statues from the second to first century are among the most important. In this area you will also find several rooms dedicated to the Republican and early imperial period, where you can find a famous statue of Emperor Augustus portrayed as Ponifex Maximus.

On the second floor you can see how the Romans used to decorate their residences. Some of the most beautiful mosaic floors and frescoed walls are shown here. The many mosaics show an incredible variety in designs.

The basement holds the museum’s impressive numismatic collection with coins from the Antiquity to today. The coins are displayed in chronological order, from coins minted in the fourth century BC to today’s euro coins. Also in the basement you will find a collection of luxury items and jewelry. Different rings, bracelets and necklaces were found in ancient graves.


Location: Largo di Villa Peretti, 1, Rome

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How to get there: Subway: Termini (A,B)

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