Medieval castles in Italy

Medieval castles in Italy

The amazing castles in Italy have grown from its rich history. Medieval castles were built on the remains of old Roman fortresses. Castle formations are found throughout Italy, and they range in age from pre-Roman times to the gunpowder era. Some castles are far too ruined to be safely explored and should be viewed from a d0istance, but there are others that not only allow a visit, but also to stay overnight. Here you will find the list of the amazing Italian castles.

Castello di Fenis

Located in Valle d’Aosta, the castle has several teeth-like stones at the top of the towers. Not only is it impressive from the outside, but the recently renovated interior houses fine displays of medieval art. The furnishings, though all genuine castle antiques, were culled from sources throughout this area, Switzerland, and France to give the place that medieval lived-in look.


Location: Frazione Chez Sapin, 11020 Fenis

Nearby sights: MAV – Museo dell’Artigianato Valdostano di Tradizione

Tel.: +39 0165 764263

Nearby hotels: Agriturismo Le Bonheur, Hotel Comtes de Challant, La Maison D’Amelie

Castello Sforzesco

Situated at the heart of Milan, Castle Sforzesco is one of the most popular castles in Italy, as it hosts seven different museums about art and history inside its twisting and maze-like passages. The first foundations of the castle were laid in around 1360 by the Visconti family – who were widely detested. When the last of the family, Fillipo Maria, died in 1447, locals ripped down the castle in an act of defiance. The Sforza family rebuilt the castle from 1450 onwards, creating a luxurious and defensive residence.


Location: Via Caduti Per la Patria, Galliate

Nearby sights: Santuario del Varallino, Chiesa della Beata Vergine di Caravaggio, Chiesa di San Pietro e Paolo

Nearby hotels: Royal Garden Hotel, Belcanto B&B, Crivis Hotel

Medieval castles in ItalyCastel dell’Ovo

The castle is located on the gulf of Naples. It is said that the ancient poet Virgil placed an egg in an iron cage, and hung this mystical item deep within the old foundations of the fortress. As long as the egg remains unbroken, so the legend goes, Naples will survive; but should the egg crack, the castle – and the city – will fall. It appears, then, that the egg has remained intact for more than 2,000 years – and has given the fortress its name, which literally means “Egg Castle”.


Location: Via Eldorado, 3, 80132, Naples

Nearby sights: Museo Cappella Sansevero, Galleria Borbonica, Teatro di San Carlo

Tel.: +39 081 795 6180

Nearby hotels: Hotel Rex, Grand Hotel Oriente, Royal Continental Hotel

Castle Churburg

This 13th-century castle was turned into a sumptuous residence by the time of the Renaissance, and today still retains the appearance inside and out. The interior has well preserved rooms and halls including its signature arcades. Its columns and arches are decorated with the family trees of the castle’s owners. Churburg is also home to the world’s largest private collection of arms and armors, as well as the oldest surviving suit of armor, dating to 1365.


Location: I-39020 Sluderno

Nearby sights: Ganglegg Oberhalb Schluderns, Museo Della Val Venosta

Tel.: +39 (0)473 615241

Nearby hotels: Hotel Helvetia, Park Hotel Sport, Ortlerblick

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