Leaning towers of Italy

Leaning towers of Italy

While certainly, the most famous in Italy and worldwide is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it is not the only Italian tower that was intentionally or unintentionally constructed to not stand perpendicular to the ground. There are at least 10 leaning towers in the country of which two more are located in Pisa. Here is a list of the Italian leaning towers.

The leaning Tower of Pisa

This is the most famous of all leaning towers located in Piazza dei Miracoli. Construction of the Bell Tower began on August 9, 1173, but the works were interrupted for about a century. In that time the tower began sink due to a poor foundation, set in weak, unstable soil. When the construction resumed in 1271, engineers built the subsequent floors with one side taller than the other to compensate the tilt. In 1278 work was again suspended and only resumed in 1360. The tower measures 58.36 m in height. It is from the top of the Leaning Tower that Galileo Galilei supposedly carried out his experiments to prove the Laws of Gravitation.


Location: Campo dei Miracoli, 56100, Pisa

Nearby sights: Piazza dei Miracoli, Duomo Pisa, Battistero

Nearby hotels: Grand Hotel Duomo, Hostel Pisa Tower, Hotel Villa Kinzica

The Campanile of San Nicola

Also located in Pisa, the octagonal tower is the second most famous in the city that is also slightly tilting. Most likely built in 1170, the tower was originally separated from the nearby buildings.


Location: Pisa

Nearby sights: Camposanto, Piazza dei Cavalieri , Palazzo Blu

Nearby hotels: Hotel Pisa Tower, Bologna Hotel Pisa, Hotel Bristol

The Campanile of San Michele degli ScalziThe Campanile of San Michele degli Scalzi

The tower is also located in Pisa. It stands on the right side of the church. The term ‘Scalzi’ refers to the barefoot monks linked to the church. The quadrangular tower is heavily tilted due to the weak, unstable soil.


Location: Via S. Michele degli Scalzi, 167, 56100, Pisa

Nearby sights: Piazza dei Miracoli, Torre di Pisa, Duomo Pisa

Nearby hotels: B&B Dei Cavalieri, Hotel Terminus & Plaza, La Locanda di Giada

The Towers of Bologna Asinelli and Garisenda

Located in Bologna, the towers are situated at the intersection of the roads that lead to the five gates of the old ring wall. Asinelli is the taller one while the smaller but more leaning tower is called the Garisenda. It is believed that the towers owe their names to the families who commissioned their construction between 1109 and 1119.


Location: Piazza Ravegnana, Bologna

Nearby sights: Basilica – Santuario di Santo Stefano, Piazza Maggiore, Archiginnasio di Bologna

Nearby hotels: Albergo delle Drapperie, BEST WESTERN Hotel San Donato, Il Canale Hotel

The Campanile of San Giorgio dei Greci

Located in Venice, it was built by Bernardo Ongarin between 1587 and 1592. The Bell Tower started tilting from the beginning of its construction. Its inclination can best be seen from the bridge over the rio dei Greci close to the Bridge of Sighs.


Location: Ponte dei Greci | 3412 Castello, Venice

Nearby sights: Grand Canal, Doges’ Palace, St. Mark’s Square

Nearby hotels: Hotel Colombina, Hotel Danieli, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Hotel Savoia & Jolanda

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