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All sightseeing in the region "Umbria"


Umbria is a region located in central Italy with a population of about 867,000 inhabitants. This is one of the only landlocked regions of Italy. The capital of the area is Perugia. Known as “green heart of Italy”, Umbria is famous for its rustic countryside and historic hill towns. It comprises mainly hills, mountains, hollows and plains.


Most tourists are drawn to Umbria for the beautiful scenery but they soon will discover that region has many wonderful artistic and historical relics. Almost every town boasts beautiful examples of Medieval and Renaissance art. There are gorgeous frescos, churches, ancient buildings and Roman theaters which still stand virtually unchanged. Visitors can also see ancient hand-crafting techniques in ceramics and pottery that are still in use today. Umbria is also a home to many amazing museums, cultural centers and Italy’s finest Romanesque-Gothic cathedrals.

There is the largest lake in central Italy located in Umbria – Lake Trasimeno. The area still has the remains of Etruscan settlements where spectacular natural landscape combines with the romanticism of the lake. The region also boasts Cascate delle Marmore waterfalls, some of which are the most beautiful in Europe. The waters dive into the River Nera with a spectacular 165 m drop and are surrounded by lush vegetation.

While visiting Umbria you shouldn’t miss the ancient Roman town Carsulae where important public buildings have been discovered. You will also find there the remains of the S. Damiano Arch with particularly beautiful surroundings and Dunarobba Fossil Forest which is a rare example of a forest that existed 3 million years ago with very well-preserved tree trunks.

A Medieval town of Assisi which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is definitely worth visiting. It contains lots of masterpieces, most of which are dedicated to St. Francis, Patron Saint of Italy. You will find amazing Basilica containing his tomb and his hermitage which is located a few kilometers outside the town halls.


Location: Central Italy

Capital of the region: Perugia

Sights: Basilica Papale San Francesco D'Assisi, Porziuncola, Duomo di Orvieto

Cuisine: You should try: truffles, strangozzi, umbrichelli in salsa di Trasimeno, pappardelle alla lepre, Ciriole alla ternana

Hotels: Borgo Dei Conti Resort, Hotel Le Tre Vaselle, Brufani Palace Hotel

Shopping: The best shopping in Umbria is found outdoors in traditional markets. In most towns and some villages flea markets and open air markets are well kept traditions. Shoppers can find good quality locally made products and handicrafts at very low prices.

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