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All sightseeing in the region "Calabria"


Calabria is a region in the extreme south of Italy and is located at the ”toe” of the Italian “boot” and surrounded by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas with a population of 2.9 million inhabitants. The capital of Calabria is Catanzaro.

Amazing beaches

The region is well known for its beaches due to the long stretches of coastline. Despite a huge number of wonderful beaches, Calabria is also very mountainous as there are parts of three mountain ranges in this region: The Pollino, The Sila and Aspromonte. These ranges are unique with their own flora and fauna.


Calabria is famous for its seaside resorts due to long, white sandy beaches with warm and crystal clear water. There is also a colorful nightlife here with many restaurants and bars. There are lots of opportunities in the area where you can go windsurfing or scuba-diving to discover a wonderful seabed with brightly-colored corals. If you love nature then you should definitely visit the region’s National Parks which cover the most inland Calabria. As for the winter sports, you also may choose from the many ski resorts in the area which are equipped with artificial slopes to ski year-round.


There is plenty of evidence of ancient civilizations dating back to prehistoric times to the great era of Magna Graecia. The cultures which have conquered, invaded or inhabited the region include Romans, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, Aragonese and Bourbons. This fact has enriched the artistic heritage of the area with buildings, churches, castles, precious sculptures and paintings. Among these are the world famous bronze statues of Riace collected at the National Museum of Reggio Calabria.

There are numerous festivals held in Calabria which are dedicated to the Virgin and centered in sanctuaries. The Festival of Madonna di Capo Colonna takes place between the second and the third Sundays of May. Numerous are also the traditional product fairs such as mushrooms, the chestnut and the grape-picking festivals.


Location: South of Italy (toe of the ‘boot’)

Capital of the region: Catanzaro

Sights: Chianalea di Scilla, Lungomare Falcomata, Parco della Biodiversita Mediterranea

Cuisine: You should try: pecorino cheese, caciocavallo cheese, liquorice and pignolata, nzudda and scalidde

Nearby hotels: Villa Paola, Grand Hotel Paradiso, Praia Art Resort

Shopping: Visit the largest handicraft market in Soverato. Catanzaro is lined with several ancient looking small shops that sell everything from handicrafts and souvenirs to the local specialty food products

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