Utilities in Italy

Utilities in Italy

Connecting utilities

While buying a property in Italy is a rewarding experience, there are some things you should know about. It is important to know how to deal with all your basic needs such as connecting utilities before you move to your dream house.

Before making any application for utilities in Italy you’ll need a valid tax number. The tax number is known as a Codice Fiscale can be obtained from your local tax office.

Regional rates and policies

When it comes to water, you’ll find each Italian region has different policies, as it depends on the regional water reserves. Water rates will depend on regional reserves held. Your water supply will be limited to a yearly, fixed amount which is measured by meter. If you do exceed water limits you will receive additional bills. Water bills are issued twice per year and if you have any requirement for additional water supplies, such as for a swimming pool, you will be billed separately for an extra metered supply. Registering for a water supply is just a simple matter of providing your tax code and identification details, together with the address of your property.


You will need to apply for your electricity through ENEL, which is the Italian national power company. Typical Italian homes run on between 3 and 3.2 kilowatts of power, though you can apply for larger household power supplies up to 6 kilowatts, though the flat rate charge for higher power supplies does cost more.

Most landlines in Italy are supplied by Telecom Italia and arranging connection is simply a case of calling their customer service centre on 187 or applying via their website. You’ll need to prove your identity and give your tax code to set up your service and the company will then send an engineer out to your home to connect a landline service.

Paying utility bills

Paying your utility bills is generally just a case of making payment via your local post office, once a bill has been received or arranging for direct debits from your bank account. You can expect meter readings to take place around once or twice a year, but you’ll receive estimated bills every two months and these will then be adjusted to reflect the correct use once a meter reading has taken place.

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