The role of the estate agents in Italy

The role of the estate agents in Italy

Private sales in Italy

In Italy large percentage of property sales are handled private, directly between vendors and buyers in order to avoid agent’s fees. But to buy privately you will need to speak good Italian or hire an interpreter. For these reasons foreign buyers often miss the best property deals.

Estate agents in Italy

Most Italian agents are local and don’t have a list of properties in other regions. Usually there are no national property listings and most agents guard their list of properties. There are also nation-wide estate chains in Italy all operating on a franchise basis with numerous agents around the country. If you wish to find an agent in a particular town or area, you should look under Agenzie Immobiliari in the yellow pages which are available at main libraries and via Internet.

It is common for foreigners in many countries to use an agent in their own country who works with Italian agents which aren’t noted for their efficiency. You may receive a better service from other foreign agent who speaks English and is used to dealing with foreigners and their particular requirements. On the other hand you may pay higher fees when dealing with foreign agent.

Italian agents also advertise abroad and many of them speak English or have English-speaking staff. It is noteworthy that whoever you buy through, make sure that you know the local market and the value of property.

Qualifications of the real estate agents

Italian estate agents are regulated by law and must be professionally qualified and licensed as well as hold indemnity insurance. They also hold deposits on behalf of buyers and sellers thus ensuring that the seller won’t steal your money. An agent in Italy should also be registered with the Italian association of estate agents (AICI). It is important to always check whether an agent holds all the above licenses.

Agents in Italy vary considerably in their efficiency, enthusiasm and professionalism so you should choose the one who will help you to find what you want. Agent’s commission may also vary between 3 and 8 per cent. Some of them have fixed commission, for example the cheaper the property, the higher the fees.

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