Researching properties in Italy

Researching properties in Italy

Know what you want

It is important to decide where you want to live and what kind of property do you want in advance. Obtain details of as many properties as possible in your chosen area and make a shortlist of those you wish to view. The details provided by Italian estate agents aren’t clear. However, most serious agents have websites providing details of properties they offer, although not all properties are included on them and you may need to register to view those that are.

Interacring with real estate agents

Some Italian agents expect customers to know where they want to buy exactly and may even expect you to narrow your choice down to certain towns or villages. If you cannot define where and what you’re looking for, tell the agent so that he will know that you’re undecided. Most agents will still be pleased to show you properties, as they’re well aware that many people fall in love with a property on the spot, but some agents now charge a fee for showing properties in order to discourage time wasters.

An Italian agent may ask you to sign a document before showing you any properties. This is simply to protect his commission should you obtain details from another source or try to do a deal directly with the owner. You’re usually shown properties personally by agents and won’t be given the keys or be expected to deal with tenants or vendors directly.

Some tips

You should try to view as many properties as possible during the time available, but allow enough time to view each property thoroughly. Although it’s important to see sufficient properties to form an accurate opinion of price and quality, don’t see too many in one day as it’s easy to become confused. If you’re shown properties that don’t meet your requirements, tell the agent immediately. You can help the agent to narrow the field by telling him exactly what’s wrong with the properties you reject.

It’s wise to make notes of both the good and bad features, and take lots of photographs of the properties you like, so that you’re able to compare them. It’s also wise to mark each property on a map so that, should you wish to return, you can find them without getting lost.

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