Renting before buying

Renting before buying

It’s better to rent before buy

If you dream to buy property in Italy but not sure about the area, type of property and the price, it is recommended to first rent it for a certain period of time. This way you will get the idea of what you want exactly, explore the area and Italian culture and realize whether you still want to do this. In this case it is important not to rush before making the most expensive purchase in your life.

Get acquainted with the area

When you first arrive in Italy, it is a good idea to spend a bit of time to get acquainted with the country and renting an apartment for a short term. During this period you may become acquainted with the various neighborhoods or parts of a certain city as well as with the public transportation system.

Of course, this is not cheap way, and while you will be exploring different areas you may spend lots of money on food, accommodation, transportation and other expenses. But it is totally worth it. You will get to know the property prices and the market itself.

The cost of renting an apartment

While you are searching for the properties you may want to rent a room in an apartment or your own flat according to your budget. Of course, the costs of apartment rentals are closely related to the distance from the center of the town and there is also a huge difference between large and small towns. For example, renting an apartment in Rome in a nice area can reach 1000 euro per month. However, there are several choices according to your budget and the length of your stay.

Due to national legislation it is a lot easier to end a lease with a foreigner than with an Italian, so residents prefer to rent their apartments or houses to foreigners. It represents a safeguard for the owner of the apartment or house should he has need of the house for personal reasons.

It is also worth to be noted that utility bills such as heating and electricity can be quite expensive, so if you have a tight budget and you want to know what you are getting yourself into, try to find out about the prices beforehand.

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