Renting an apartment in Italy

Renting an apartment in Italy

Property in Italy may be rented either empty with no furniture, semi-furnished or completely furnished. An apartment with no furniture in Italy means that there may not be even light-fittings and fitted kitchen. Semi-furnished may contain fitted kitchen and wardrobes.

The cost of renting an apartment in Italy

The most significant factor affecting rental cost is the location of the apartment. Recently Italy had a fair rent law that limited rents to those set by the local authorities rather than market levels. This led in a shortage of rental properties in some areas and owners are now permitted to set market level rents, which has encouraged more homeowners to let their properties.

The deposit

Renting an apartment in ItalyIf a property is rented through an agent, the tenant must pay agent’s fee around 10 per cent of a year’s rent or one month’s rental. Provided rent isn’t paid in advance at any more than two monthly intervals, the landlord can ask for a deposit equal to one to three months’ rent. The deposit must be returned with interest within two months of the termination of the lease.

Compulsory insurance

In addition to rent, tenants in an apartment must have compulsory insurance and pay service charges. The latter include such things as heating, hot water, rubbish removal, use of lift, communal lighting and maintenance and others.

Paying utilities

Tenants usually pay other utilities such as gas, electricity and water separately. It is wise to always check whether rent is inclusive or exclusive of charges, which is usually stated in advertisements. Service charges are calculated monthly and are usually higher in a new building than an old one. These can vary considerably between 20 and 200 euro per month. Ask to see a copy of the bills from the previous year.

It is noteworthy that on signing a lease, you should also check the bills for the telephone and utilities and whether the previous tenant has paid them up to date otherwise you could be liable for any debts.

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