Property checks. Part 2

Property checks. Part 2
  1. Interior. It is wise to check for damp patches throughout a property even inside cupboards and wardrobes as well as for cracks in walls. Check also that the floor is level and that tiles are in good condition. It is important to check condition of woodwork for rot and signs of wood-boring insects like woodworm and termites. Termites are difficult to detect unless damage is extensive.
  2. Furniture and Fittings. It is wise to check what is included in the sale and whether any appliances included are in good condition.
  3. Utilities. Check that the water, electricity and gas supplies are functional, especially hot water supply and central heating system. It is important to not rely on someone’s words and check them yourself. Ask about the annual cost of heating and air-conditioning systems. Check the reliability of the electricity supply. If the property doesn’t have electricity or mains water, check the nearest connection point and the cost of extending the service to the property, as it can be very expensive in remote rural areas. If a property has a well or septic tank, it is recommended to have it tested.
  4. Property checks. Part 2Septic tanks. If there is no septic tank or other waste water system, it isn’t usually a problem if the land size allows its installation. If a property already has a septic tank, it is recommended to check its condition. If the septic tank is old-style, it may take only bathroom waste and the new ones on a soak-away system can cope with a wide range of waste products. Ensure that a septic tank has a proper size for your property. It is noteworthy that you mustn’t use cleaning agents such as ammonia in a septic tank as it will destroy it. There are special products made to clean it and extend its lifespan.
  5. Land. If you are buying a property with a garden or any type of land you should walk the boundaries and look for fences. If you are unsure about the exact boundaries you should have the property surveyed by a land surveyor which is wise if you are buying a property with a large plot.

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