Property checks. Part 1

Property checks. Part 1

If you have decided to buy a property in Italy, you should know what checks should be conducted prior to the purchase. Always discuss with a surveyor what exactly will be included and excluded in a survey as you may need to pay extra to include certain checks and tests.

A general inspection should include the structural condition of buildings, plumbing, electricity and heating systems and anything else you want inspected such as swimming pool and its equipment.

Property checks. Part 1You should receive a written report on the structural condition of a property, including anything that could become a problem in the future. A home inspection may be limited to a few items or even a single system only. You may also wish to have a property checked for termites and other pests, which are found in many areas. It is also possible to have a radon test on a building or land in an area where radon levels are high.

Here is a list of items you should check or have checked by an expert when inspecting a property.

  1. Description. You should make that the property corresponds with the description in the title deeds and check the number of rooms and an area of the property, terraces and the plot. If you will find additional rooms, terraces, a garage or swimming pool that aren’t mentioned in the property description, the owner should provide proof that planning permission was obtained. Any alterations in the house may require new registration for the entire property. It is wise to ask the current owner whether he will register it before you buy or pay the costs if they’re obtained on completion.
  2. Exterior. You should check walls for damp patches or cracks and whether they are vertical and not bulging. Check also that the roof tiles are in place and there’s no sagging. Plants growing on a roof are an indication that it isn’t well maintained.

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