Home security in Italy

Home security in Italy

Holiday homes

Whether you’re planning to rent a flat or house, or buy a property, it is useful to know how to keep it safe. Italy has a generally low level of crime, but holiday homes have been rubbed more often than any other types of accommodation in the country.

Italian domestic security

International surveys indicate that the fear of crime in Italy is higher than in other countries. In many apartment buildings it’s not unusual to be confronted by three or four security hurdles before you can enter a home. First, there is the almost inevitable perimeter gate, many of which would do justice to a military facility. Many properties have external floor-to-ceiling steel gates and you might also encounter a less glamorous common interior door and possibly even a stair gate and lock-activated lift.

Parallel security

Home security in ItalyThe true masterpiece of the Italian domestic security can only be appreciated once you look closely at the locks used for apartment entry doors. Italians have historically been exceptional clock masters and this skill has migrated to the clock. You might have to turn the key four full rotations before the door finally opens. Inside the apartment it’s not uncommon to find parallel security. Windows may have heavy shutters and complex locks and internal doors can be very solid. The combination of a solid door and a great locking system are the two most important cost effective methods to secure your home. Most people have a common locking system with a standard deadbolt that engages at a strike plate. Using a solid door with a multi-point locking system can provide increased security because it engages the frame at three points.

Household insurance

The last thing to mention is that you shouldn’t store valuables if you are leaving your property unattended for a long time. It is also recommended to take out household insurance covering robbery in order to receive some compensation.

So, if you own a holiday home or any other property in Italy, it is important to take all the safety measures to protect your housing. “When in Rome, do like the Romans do” – this saying is really true, so it is a good idea to learn from Italians how to protect your home.

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