Choosing a location for your dream home

Choosing a location for your dream home

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations Italy has lots to offer from incredible landscapes to unforgettable cuisine. When it comes to buying property in the country, you’ll be spoilt with choice.

Buying in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most expensive of the Italian regions for the property buyers. But you can find real estate bargains if you look outside of the region. This means looking away from the immediate Chianti area and focusing more around Lucca and the Lunigiana areas. The Apennines and Apuan Alps serve as a backdrop and Lunigiana’s rolling landscape has lots of medieval castles, fortified towns, and hill villages set high above valley roads. This is Tuscany without the crowds, where life continues to follow the traditional patterns of the season.

Buying in Abruzzo

Another popular region is Abruzzo. Surrounded by Adriatic beaches, the region boasts its mountains, olive groves, vineyards and pine forests. Often overlooked by tourists, the Abruzzo region has spectacular scenery, medieval castles and villages, monasteries, and Roman ruins. This really is Italy’s premier hunting ground for true Italian property bargains. You’ll find dozens of affordable houses and apartments on the market here.

Buying in Campania

More than most Italian regions, Campania sees huge differences in the prices and popularity of its different areas. The region contains, in fact, some of Italy’s most expensive homes and some of its cheapest. Properties on the Amalfi Coast or on an island such as Capri are simply beyond the reach of most buyers.

Buying in Lombardy

Lombardy region is also among the most attractive Italian regions for buying property. While being the wealthiest and most populous region, Lombardy is also manages to be most beautiful area in the country.

Foreign buyers are drawn to the region due to all above reasons. They make up nearly a tenth of all property buyers here. Northern Europeans, and especially United Kingdom’s citizens, have long had a passion for Lombardy’s lakesides – particularly Lakes Como, Garda and Maggiore.

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