Buying property in Italy

Buying property in Italy

Decide the type of property you want

Italy boasts its unique culture and incredible landscapes. Being one of the major tourist destinations, the country attracts home buyers from all over the world. The first thing to do is deciding on the type of the property that will best suit your requirements and purpose. The most important thing is to consider the purchase options and the fees associated with buying.

Do sufficient research

When buying home in Italy it is wise not to rush and not to mix a holiday with property purchase as there is a chance that you will make poor decisions this way. Some people make expensive errors when buying a home in Italy, usually because they don’t do sufficient research and are simply in too much of a hurry – often setting themselves ridiculous deadlines such as buying a home during a long weekend or a week’s holiday.

Don’t be in a rush

It’s all too easy to fall in love with the beauty of Italy and sign a contract without giving it sufficient thought. If you’re uncertain, don’t allow yourself to be rushed into making a decision, e.g. by fears of an imminent price rise or because someone else is interested in a property. Although many people dream of buying a holiday or retirement home in Italy, it’s vital to do a thorough research and avoid the ‘dream sellers’ who will tell you anything in order to sell you a home.

Know exactly what you want

It is important to determine what you want, how much you wish to pay and where you want to live. Have a good look around in your chosen area and obtain an accurate picture of the types of property available, their relative prices and what you can expect to get for your money. However, before doing this, you should make a comprehensive list of what you want (and don’t want) from a home, so that you can narrow the field and save time on wild goose chases.

There’s no shortage of properties for sale in Italy and whatever kind of property you’re looking for, you’re likely have an abundance to choose from. In most areas, properties for sale include derelict farmhouses, unmodernised village homes, modern apartments and a wide choice of detached villas. Another option is to buy a plot and have a house built to your specifications.

Wait until you find something you fall in love with and then think about it for a week or two before rushing to the notary. What seems at first to be the opportunity of a lifetime can turn out to be an expensive pile of stones. Don’t dally too long, however, as good properties at the right price don’t remain on the market for long.

Mobile homes and schemes

If you’re looking for a holiday home, you may wish to investigate mobile homes or a scheme that restricts your occupancy of a property to a number of weeks each year. These include shared ownership, leaseback and time-sharing. Don’t rush into any of these schemes without fully researching the market and before obtaining legal advice.

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