Buying in Abruzzo

Buying in Abruzzo

Popular choice

Abruzzo is not so famous among other Italian regions, but recently it became popular among British buyers. The area is a spacious with a dramatic range of landscapes. Abruzzo’s crime rate is very low and life is gentle and slow-paced. Small properties suitable for living here start at 50 000 euros and for 100 000 and 180 000 euros you are offered a wide range of very nice homes.

Property prices in the area

Nowadays buyers more often seek old properties that were restored or renovated by a previous buyer. The golden coast of the region has the highest property prices estimated between 1500 and 3000 euro per square meter.

Buying in AbruzzoIf you want to buy a property in Abruzzo region, you should know that the area is vulnerable to landslides and mudslides. It can be easily indicated by roadsides slipping and needing reinforcement. The local planning office can help you discover if the property you are interested in is in a Red Zone. It is noteworthy that it is impossible to get insurance to cover any risk of landslides or earthquakes in Italy.

L’Aquila, Rieti and Sulmona

Some of Abruzzo’s inland areas represent better value than others. The otherwise lovely area inside the triangle formed with L’Aquila, Rieti and Sulmona as its three corners is, unfortunately, known by geologists to be at particular risk from earthquakes.

Abruzzo has been an isolated and poor region. The motorway link with Rome has brought better communications and accessibility to the area and the tourism is starting to become established. It has some beautiful National Parks and many unspoilt historic buildings and settlements. It’s not difficult to understand why so many people are turning towards the region and seeking out property to buy there. However if buyers are hoping for a cheap, easy, hassle free experience then perhaps they need to rethink their plans.

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