Buying a houseboat in Italy

Buying a houseboat in Italy

Advantages of buying a houseboat

Buying a houseboat in Italy offers you lots of opportunities. It will help you travelling a lot more and see a lot more as you can visit more locations within the same period of time. This is also a great alternative to buying a flat as it offers the same space and is considerably cheaper than a flat of a similar size. With a wildlife and tranquil look, buying a houseboat in Italy is gaining popularity, especially among families and young people.

If you are thinking to buy a houseboat you will find out that there are two options available such as a static houseboat or one with an engine that you can move around. Static ones are custom-built for full-time living in one place.

The cost of a houseboat in Italy

Buying a houseboat in ItalyPrices of the houseboats vary depending on the condition and size of the boat. However, prices for permanently moored houseboats will reflect local property values and that of the mooring, whether it is leased or owned. A houseboat in good working condition on a mooring can be bought for around 70 000 euro, although the most luxurious can cost up to 1 million euro.

Boats on fixed moorings can be supplied with broadband, telephone lines, mains electricity and water. Those on continuous cruising licenses, moving to a new mooring every 14 days, can run washing machines, power showers and plasma televisions via 12v or 240v batteries. The most luxurious vessels have hot tubs and swimming pools on deck.

Drawbacks of traveling on a houseboat

This type of lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Boats leak, batteries run flat and the water attracts mice and rats. So, before making an important decision to buy a houseboat, it is important to know all the details. However, those who yearn for a simpler life relish the freedom— and find their boat becomes so much more than just a place to sleep.

As a continuous cruiser, you will need to be licensed by the waterway authority wherever you go. You will also need a Boat Safety Certificate and insurance. There will also be restrictions on how long you can moor in one place.

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