Train travel in Italy

Train travel in Italy

Train travel is the most popular way to travel through the country.

The most popular way to travel through the country

Getting around Italy by train is the most popular way to travel through the country. Taking the train in Italy is better than driving, especially if you are concentrating on cities with train stations. Trains in Italy are pretty easy to understand as soon as you figure out a few basic things.

Train travel in ItalyReservations

Train tickets in the country are not the same as train reservations and there are times when you will need to purchase a reservation along with your ticket. If you’ve got a Rail Pass you will also need to buy reservations. It may sound like you’re being charged twice but reservations are very cheap and buying a Rail Pass is still a very good deal even if you buy reservation.

Where to buy train tickets?

Both train tickets and reservations may be bought on-site in advance. If you’ve chosen to buy a Rail Pass, it must be purchased before you leave home as these can’t be bought in Italy. Some travelers will definitely benefit from buying their tickets before they leave home. But if you are the kind of traveler who doesn’t have an itinerary, it may be useless. You won’t be able to exchange or return tickets once you get in Italy.

Do the math

Buying a Rail Pass may save you quite a bit of money and it also may be cheaper to buy individual tickets according to your itinerary. You can figure out whether a Rail Pass is a good option for your particular trip. Some travelers do not want to commit to an itinerary, making the more flexible Rail Pass an incredibly appealing option.

Train schedules

The big printed train schedules in Italy haven’t changed for decades. But those aren’t the only schedules at your disposal. The Trenitalia site isn’t the easiest to navigate, but it does have up-to- date train schedule information in it, including the ticket cost and what train changes are required for a given route. If you buy Rail Pass for Italy, you’ll also receive a printed booklet with train schedules for Italy and other European countries.

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