Italian train stations

Italian train stations

Train travel is often the best choice for tourists visiting Italy.

When travelling by train, it is important to understand how Italian train stations work. Not every train station in Italy is exactly alike, but there are some things you can learn about them which will help you to be prepared.

Italian train stationsTrain schedule

Train schedule information can be found in few places. Usually there is some kind of electronic version, a big reader-board or a TV screen showing just the trains that are leaving and arriving imminently or within the next few hours. There is also a paper version showing the general schedule throughout an entire week. With the paper versions, the yellow sheet shows departures while the white sheet shows arrivals. Also the paper version shows the time trains leave, the number of the train, type of the trains make each journey, the classes available on the trip, whether the reservations are required and what all the stops are on a given route. What these don’t show is what track that train is departing from. For that you need to match up the train number and final stop with the schedules showing on the TV screens or reader boards. As long as you are visiting during business hours you can ask a ticket agent for details if you’re confused or have additional questions.

You can also look up more detailed Italian train schedules and fares, because the Italian rail system is online. Most of the site is available only in Italian, but the timetable for Italy’s trains is also in English. Although you have to be registered in order to purchase the tickets online you can at least get the idea of the current Italy train schedule.

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