Types of accommodation in Italy

Types of accommodation in Italy

Housing in the country is often expensive so you need to prepare yourself for these expenses or plan to try cheaper options like hostels or agriturismo to save money.

Italy has a variety of accommodation of all types, from grand villas to small family run hotels or the newly developing sector of Agriturismo.

Here are main types of accommodation in Italy.

  • Hotels. This type of housing in the country will vary depending on the number of stars and the price will go up or down accordingly. 1 or 2-star property could mean that it is a smaller or family-run inns with friendly owners eager to be your host. These could be a great bargain so do not be afraid to check them out.
  • Hostels. Hostels are a great way to save your money when you travel. The Italian word for hostel is ‘ostello’ but it is commonly named ‘hotel’. So, if you find hotel with exceptionally low prices, it can actually be a hostel.
  • Agriturismo. This type of accommodation might also be called ‘farm holiday’, ‘agricultural tourism’, ‘agritourism’. Whatever it called, it generally means that you rent a room (shared or private) in either present-day or a one-time working farm. This way you will have an opportunity to be out in nature as opposed to a city centre. An agriturismo might offer cooking classes, wine or olive tastings, guided excursions into the surrounding countryside or any other outdoor activities.
  • Types of accommodation in ItalyVillas. Anyone staying in one place more than a week, traveling as part oа a large group or family with small kids will want to consider renting a villa. You will find something for every price range and in any environment in Italy, from Tuscan hills to a one-bedroom apartment in central Rome.
  • Convents/Monasteries. Italy offers lots of convents and monasteries and many of them have a history. Some of them now host not only pilgrims, but also travelers of any sort and they often incredibly cheap. The downsides can be a curfew or separate sleeping quarters for men and women.
  • Guesthouses and B&Bs. Many small budget hotels call themselves “guest houses” or “Bad and Breakfast” the latter especially if they include some kind of breakfast in the price of the room – but if you’re really looking for the more traditional version of a B&B, you’ll want to find out exactly what “breakfast” consists of. Some Italian B&Bs serve nothing more than what is a very typical Italian breakfast (coffee and a pastry).

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