About hotel tax in Rome

About hotel tax in Rome

If you are planning to visit Rome and have nowhere to stay, you will most likely to pay the Rome’s hotel tax.

The calculation of hotel tax

The hotel tax in Rome has been approved since late December 2010. It is based on the amount of stars the hotel has, the more stars the higher taxes. The tax is calculated in euro and ranges according to hotels’ stars. Four and five-star hotels have 3 euro per person per night tax, 1-star, 2-star and 3-star hotels as well as B&Bs charge 2 euro per person per night, campsites charge 1 euro per night and hostels do not have hotel tax.

The number of days of stay visitors can be taxed

There is a maximum number of days visitors can be taxed. For campsites, it’s a maximum of 5 days and for all the other accommodation types it’s a maximum of 10 days. Children under the age of two are exempt. It’s noteworthy that while hostels are technically exempt from the Rome tax under law, there are very few official hostels in the city and many of them may be registered as B&Bs or as room rentals which means they are charging 2 euro.

What hotel tax pays for?About hotel tax in Rome

So, what exactly Roman hotel tax pays for? Many of the ancient monuments in the city are in need of repair work. The Italian government either doesn’t have the funds or has proven to be unable to take the necessary steps to save the monuments, so the city of Rome is taking matters into its own hands. The money that comes from this hotel tax is intended to pay for repairs and restoration of the city’s ancient monuments.

How to avoid paying the highest tax rates?

Here are some tips to help you avoid paying the highest rates.

  1. Skip Rome. If Rome is your only destination point then this is not the solution for you. But if you are planning to visit different Italian cities, it is better to choose a less popular city which will give you the benefit from lower hotel prices.
  2. Stay outside Rome. If you are interested in exploring the Lazio region instead of the capital city itself, pick a town that outside the reach of the hotel tax.
  3. Stick with fewer stars. As it was previously mentioned the more stars there are attached to your Rome hotel, the higher the tax rate will be. By choosing 1 or 2-star hotels, you’ll pay less for the Rome hotel tax.
  4. Stay in a registered hostel. The only way to stay within Rome and not pay extra for the hotel tax is to stay in one of the hostels that is originally registered with the city as a hostel. If you find one of the official hostels, pay attention to where it’s located as you may pay way more for transportation if it’s far from the center.

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