Car rental in Italy

Car rental in Italy

The best way to explore Italy

Renting a car in Italy is probably the best way to explore the country. Of course you’ve heard that Italian drivers are crazy but driving a car in Italy is the easiest way to get where you want to go, especially if your destinations are a little off the beaten path. To avoid any difficulties associated with driving in the country, make sure to avoid the big cities like Rome or Milan.

International Driver’s License

It is recommended to get an International Driver’s License if you are even considering renting a car in Italy. Also make sure to find out from the rental agency if there are any particular laws in the region about what you need to have in the car at all times such as a reflective vest or flares. If they are legally required the rental agency should provide them.

Formalities of renting a car

Car rental in ItalyYour reservation will require you to meet certain conditions. You need to take it seriously and read the fine print of any referenced ‘Terms and Conditions’ on the website of the company. Failure could mean being denied a rental car or even a forfeiture of your deposit.

It’s almost always smarter to prepay for a rental car when you book, rather than at the agency counter in Europe. Not only are you likely to get a discount, but, assuming that your quote was in dollars, you’ll know you are paying the exact amount you were quoted.

It is very important to know that whether your car rental is made in Rome or Milan for business or to drive through the landscapes of Tuscany, you should reserve the car well in advance before you arrive. Also, be clear about whom you are dealing with, a car rental operator or a car rental broker.

Rent a car with GPS system

If you can afford it, rent a car with a GPS system in it. These things are invaluable when you are in a foreign country (provided you can switch it into English, of course). This allow you the freedom of just driving anywhere you want and then just programming in your hotel’s address so the car can direct you home. Just in case if something goes wrong with the GPS, take a good driving map.

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