The ritual of coffee in Italy

The ritual of coffee in Italy

Typical Italian breakfast

Coffee in Italy is not just a drink but a true ritual that Italians cannot miss. Every morning a strong coffee scent can be smelt in the streets where different cafes are making this amazing drink. A typical morning of the Italians always starts with an espresso or macchiato and some sweet pastry.

Naples is famous throughout Italy for its coffee and this is the reason why cafes there are crowded with tourists. The length of coffee, the blend and the water makes it so special.

A drink of socialization

Coffee in Italy is also a drink of socialization and a habit after meals. Usually Italians offer a cup of coffee to someone they want to spend time with. For those who do not like authentic Italian coffee there are also alternatives such as shakerato or coffee with Nutella and ginseng coffee with ginseng herb extract.

The ritual of coffee in ItalyHere are main coffee drinks in Italy:

  • Espresso. It is known as ‘Caffe’ in Italy and served in a 3 oz or demitasse cup. It is strong in taste with a rich bronze froth known as a crema on top.
  • Doppio. This is just a double espresso.
  • Ristretto. This is more concentrated drink than a regular espresso made with less water.
  • Lungo or Caffe Americano. This is an espresso made with more water.
  • Macchiato. This is an espresso that has a distinguished dollop of steamed milk on top.
  • Corretto. This is an espresso with added alcohol like grappa, cognac or Sambuca.
  • Cappuccino. This is an espresso with foamed milk containing equal parts of espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk.
  • Cappuccino scuro. This is a cappuccino made with less milk and is darker color.
  • Cappuccino chiaro. This is a cappuccino made with more milk and is lighter in colour.
  • Caffe’ latte. This is an espresso made with more milk than a cappuccino but only a small amount of foam which is usually a breakfast drink.

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