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Trieste is a capital city of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in North East Italy with population of around 205 000 inhabitants. It used to be an important Adriatic port for the landlocked Hapsburg Austrian Hungarian Empire. The city is located only a few miles from the Slovenian border and there is a frequent bus service from the center of the city to both Slovenia and Croatia. Trieste has also an excellent rail link to the rest of Italy.


This is a small, safe and charming city with quiet and calm atmosphere that is often overlooked by tourists. Trieste is full of open spaces with wide and open-planned roads, large squares and spectacular sea and mountain views. There are many beautiful buildings in the city which have a strong Austrian influence.

Trieste has much to offer including amazing sea, mountains, caves, castles, cathedrals and several excellent science museums. The most famous attraction is the nineteenth century Castle Miramare which was built for the Archduke Maximilian of Austria and is located about five miles from city center. The largest square in the city is the Piazza dell’Unita situated opposite the waterfront which is lined with excellent bars and cafes to sit and relax while enjoying spectacular views.

It is noteworthy that Trieste is a very small city so nearly all places of interest can easily be reached on foot. Although Italian is the official and most widely used language, Slovene, Ladin and German are also spoken here along with the local ‘Triestine’ dialect.

The territory of Trieste is composed of several different climate zones depending on the distance from the sea and elevation. The climatic setting of the city is humid subtropical climate with strong Mediterranean influences. On average, humidity levels are pleasantly low while only two months (January and February) receive a little precipitation.


Location: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Nearby sights: Miramare Castle, Carso Triestino, Piazza dell’Unita d’Italia

How to get there: Take the Bus (Line E51) to Trieste Coach Station (next to the Train station). It leaves directly from the airport and takes you right in the center of Trieste

Nearby hotels: Grand Hotel Duchi d’Aosta, Albergo Alla Posta, Urban Hotel Design

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