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Pisa is a city located in Tuscany region of Italy and a capital of the Province of Pisa. The northern portion of this province is mountainous with around 15 kilometers of coastline while the southern part turns into the rolling hills, green forests and hilltop villages.

University city

It is a university city with the excellent University of Pisa having been established since 12 th century. There are also two of the best Superior Graduate Schools in Italy and Napoleonic Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

Torre di Pisa (Leaning Tower of Pisa)

Pisa is best known for its leaning tower (Torre di Pisa) but besides this unique architectural structure the city has much to offer including museums, theaters, galleries and historical monuments. The famous tower was constructed in 1173 with estimated height of 56 meters. The restoration of the complex has been completed recently and the foundation of the tower was strengthened securely.


You will also find several historic religious buildings in Pisa. Duomo Cathedral is a wonderful example of the Romanesque style and the Baptistery built in the 12 th century is an excellent example of Gothic architecture. The local Archaeological Museum is also one of the most frequently visited places in Pisa.

The city is also famous for its delicious cuisine so even if you don’t consider yourself a gourmet you should still visit one of the restaurants of Pisa. Food here is unique and you will not find similar dishes in any other city of Italy. The most expensive restaurants and cafes are located near to the Tower of Pisa where you will also have ability to enjoy stunning views.

The city witnesses several religious fests as well. The most important is Palio di San Ranieri holiday which is held on 17 th of June and is dedicated to the main patron saint of the city. On the festive day all the churches, cathedrals and temples of the city are decorated with a specially chosen system of illumination. The Tower of Pisa being the main symbol of the city gets its luxurious illuminating decoration too.


Location: Tuscany region

Nearby sights: Piazza dei Miracoli, Torre di Pisa, Duomo Pisa

How to get there: Compania Pisana Transporti (СPT) connects the airport to the city centre

Nearby hotels: NH Pisa, Hotel San Ranieri, Hotel La Pace

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