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Modena is a city in Emilia Romagna region of Italy with a population of 179, 087 inhabitants. It extends from the Apennine Mountain ridges to the low plains south of the Po River.

What the region is famous for

The city is famous worldwide for such icons as Enzo Ferrari and Luciano Pavarotti as well as gastronomical products such as tortellini, Lambrusco wine and balsamic vinegar. Modena was nicknamed ‘The Capital of Engines’ due to the many factories of famous Italian sports cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani and De Tomaso that are based here.

University of Modena

It is a university town and the University of Modena was founded in 1175. It specializes in economics, medicine and law. There is also the Military academy of Modena which is housed in the Ducal Palace and trains Italian military officers.

The city is famous for its artistic and cultural treasures such as the Cathedral, The Ducal Palace, the Palace of Museums and the Este Gallery. There are also theaters, antique markets, churches and palaces.

Grande Square

The main square and center of the city is Grande Square where most of the important buildings are concentrated. Romanesque Cathedral which is completely constructed with white marble is also located in the square. The Cathedral along with Grande Square and Ghirlandina Tower are listed in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Modena’s cultural heritage pairs with the natural beauty of its mountains, hills, valleys and rivers. There are diverse natural parks and reserves for you to enjoy the beauty of the city. There is Natural Reserve of the Salse di Nirano where the geological phenomenon or resurgent clayey mud that leaves cones of volcanic shape in the dried subsoil is observed.

A great number of festivals are held throughout the year in Modena. There is the Feast of San Nicola in the Castellfranco Emilia and the World’s Largest Zampone Festival in Castelnuovo Rangone.


Location: Emilia-Romagna region

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